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TOTAL AEROB! is a virtual LO-FI-indie-rockband with spoken german lyrics. Living-room laboratorium. Experiment. We love the 90´s indiestuff, and we also love the lyric poetry, literature in general. We try to combine these things, and anytime we do this, we are excited -and mostly surprised- about the result. We only use a tascam-238-eight-track-taperecorder for our songs, eight tracks to make it. So, the music is edgy and sloppy, in a melancholy mood, sometimes out of time with that special analogous sound! Anyway, it works! The musical arrangements are made by CHRISTOPHER. He´s the one who makes the first step- the song- and give the others a call: hey, it´s done!. allright, i´ll be there in about 30 mins! ANDREAS writes his own lyrics, self-reflections of a grown-up boy in a deep speech. FLORIAN also writes his own stuff, similar themes, but mostly he recites. Actually there are lyrics by pablo neruda, xu demin and sun jingxuan (these guys are modern chinese lyricists) in "his" songs. This is the interesting part of the band, this mixture of self-written stuff, the lyrics by the great authors and how it corresponds to each other. The whole TOTAL AEROB- thing depends on spontaneity, and we don´t mind so much!! It´s more like a musical scetchbook or diary. we just having fun with this shit!! Hopefully you too!! PLEASE JOIN!
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